Lizzie – The Mini-Flyers Interview

As our first exclusive of 2016, for Otley Cycle Club, patron Lizzie Armitstead was grilled by our top journalists from the Mini-Flyers. Having sat down in their Boels Dolmans kit, they were inspired to formulate the toughest questions they could for their Idol. Here’s the results of their work:

lizzie blue doors

How old were you when you did your first race?

15 years old.

How old were you when you started cycling?

3 years old when I learned how to ride. 15 when I started to race.

How many races have you won? 

Good question, I can’t remember exactly! In 2015, I won 11.

Which race are you most pleased with winning? 

The World Championships in 2015, it was a dream come true.

What do you feel was your most successful race?

The Silver medal at London 2012 was amazing as my whole family were there to watch and I managed to win a medal even though I was very nervous.

What was your first bike? 

My first bike was a bike from my older sister. It was white with different coloured balloons on it.

Other than cycling, what is your favourite sport?

I like watching rugby and skiing.

How do you celebrate winning a race?

I like to go out for a nice pizza with my fiancé and friends.

One of our Dad’s likes to eat crisps on a long ride for energy, what’s your favourite flavour of crisps? 

My favourite flavour is cheese and onion!

Weegmans or Middlemiss Pies? 

Middlemiss butchers are my neighbours so I’m going to say Middlemiss!

What’s your favourite ride starting from Otley? 

I like riding to Bolton abbey because I really like the cakes at the Cavendish pavilion.

If you could cycle with anybody (Past or Present) who would you choose? 

I would chose riding with my dad and brother at home in Otley.

When you retire, what would your ideal job be? 

I would like a job with lots of holidays! Maybe being a pilot would be fun!

Do you own an Otley Cycle Club top? 

I don’t, I should get one.

What’s the best bike you’ve ever ridden? 

My bike at the moment, it’s a Specialized and it’s got a really cool paint job.

What’s the  first race you ever won? 

The Nationals Criterion Championships

Are you embarrassed by the photo of you with your first bike, that your dad always shows?

Haha yes a little!

What’s a good breakfast for a cyclist?

I love porridge!

What type of bike did you ride at the Olympics?

A Cervelo S2

Will you be attempting the women’s hour record?

NO way! I don’t like TTs!

So there you have it, some facts you never knew about Lizzie. Thanks to all the minis who contributed their questions and a massive thank you to Lizzie for taking the time to answer them. Hope to see you on the roads of Wharfedale soon!

The Mini-flyers