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Otley Cycle Club Parent and Child section enters it’s 3rd year. All looking forward to wearing the exciting new Otley Cycle Club kit (Note children sizes are available from Chevin Cycles).

Otley PAC group has a new section captain, Master Tom Cullen (age 13) has developed this year’s runs list (see download doc.). Quote from Tom;
“If you like cycling and footy this is your dream”.

The purpose of this section is to encourage children into cycling and help them develop a greater interest in this fantastic sport and activity. The target age group is 8 – 14 year olds (for the children).

It is anticipated that this section will be involved in a variety of activities including; – all day Sunday outings on the bike – Summer evening trips – Grass track racing at Roundhay Park Leeds on Monday nights in summer.

Parents and Children interested should have some experience of cycling, good road sense and be capable of cycling more than 25 miles. Each parent is wholly responsible for their child.

All Day Sunday Outings - The clue´s in the title; as some slightly better than average professional cyclist once said; "It´s not about the bike".

Here the suggested format is a morning café stop and lunchtime picnic, returning with possibly another café stop on way home, with probably another 3 – 4 stops for snack/rest, games of football, looking at nature, playing pooh sticks or whatever!

The plan is for the Sunday outings to take place on the 1st Sunday of the month. With the meeting point usually 9.30am at the Buttercross Otley.

Otley PAC section runs list for the coming months can be downloaded by clicking here

Parents & Children 2012 Runs List

All participants should bring a packed lunch and some café money. Effort will be made to teach children club riding, however the emphasis for these days will be on having fun and friendship.

In addition to Sunday events;
· Every Monday from May to August PAC riders are competing at the Grass Track at Roundhay.
· Pac members are invited to ride to the Cavendish Pavilion on a Saturday mornings. There will be a regular 12 year old plus group (bit faster) meeting at Askwith at 9.45am (please contact Tom’s dad as below).

Contact Ian Cullen on '01943 850805 or
email ian@iancullen.orangehome.co.uk


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