Club Kit

We have a wide range of custom clothing in Otley Cycle Club designs and colours available for members to purchase. These range from standard bib shorts and jerseys through to tights and jackets. Jerseys are available in Adult and Child sizes. VeloChampion® is the supplier of the kit which is manufactured by Tactic-Sports in Girona in Spain.

Otley Kit

The range of kit that you can order includes short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve fleece jackets, winter thermal jackets, bib shorts and tights, thermal vests and windproof vests and long and short sleeve skinsuits

How to order your kit

All kit is ordered using the VeloChampion e-commerce Web site.
1. Enter the web address in to your browser.

2. Once the front page has opened, Click on the Team Shops tab and then select the OTLEYCC shop from the list. If you can’t find the shop then it is not currently open.

3. If you are asked to enter the PASSCODE to continue then use OTLEYCC17

4. Once the shop has loaded, you will be told the closing date of the shop. Orders must be placed by midnight on that date.

5. If you scroll down you will find images of the various styles and type of kit available.

There are three types of kit;

Team – suitable for general club riding in a more relaxed fit

Team Plus Men – Tighter and more race oriented for men

Team Plus Women – Tighter and more race oriented for women

6. Click on the specific type of kit that you want and add it to your basket.

7. Sizing charts are available for each category of kit. These are highlighted in red on the description of an item and also are available at

8. You will need to login or create an account. Do this through the Login button on the top right of the screen. Once you have selected your items and put them in your basket, pay for them with your card.

9. If you have also purchased some of the VeloChampion branded items (e.g. glasses) then add the discount code provided when you opened the Team Shop. Currently this is 20% for OCC members. The discount code is not applicable to the Team Kit.

10. Delivery will be to your home address in 6 weeks from the closure date of the store.


Any issues can be directed to VeloChampion or the club kit officer on

Tel: 01204 869996