B Section

This is going to be a year when all sections of our lovely cycling club come together and share our rides and social experience.

We are privileged to have some simply amazing people in it who give their time for the love of cycling and the friendship it has brought.

We usually ride at a steady 13/15 mph on the flat. We always regroup at the top of hills or other points whenever necessary. We cover 40-50 miles in winter and 50-80 miles in the summer dependant on the weather, figures in brackets show approximate distances for the longer rides.

Section Captain:- TBA

Please contact otleycycleclub@gmail.com for any enquiries

The B Section

Run List for 2018

The routes for 2018 can be viewed here. Unlike the social series if you choose to leave the group you may not be accompanied by a leader or back marker, so be prepared to navigate yourself home

Click here for a guide to group riding with the club