Cyclo-cross In The Park at Otley

Wharfe Meadows in Otley was the venue for the second round of the 2017 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association Summer Series on Wednesday 10th of May, with of course several Otley CC riders taking part on home territory.

Sadly, muddy conditions didn’t prevail as they did in the 2016 event, the course being dry following many days of little or no rainfall. The evening remained sunny and warm, contributing to some fast-paced racing. In fact, so quick was it in the finish area that at times in the Over 14s race it was akin to the Otley Cycle Races with the leaders sprinting through each lap, trying to gain an advantage on each other.

Being near the river, everyone was acutely aware of the presence on that summer scourge, midges. Unfortunately, watching the racing meant that entomology had to be sidelined for the evening and the exact species not identified. Whether their presence contributed to the fast pace, riders trying to get away from the little pests, wasn’t determined.

Split into age groups for the two races, Under 14s and Over 14s, each saw three Otley CC riders competing in each race, results as follows.

Under 14s

Max Hilton Green MU8 90th overall, 6th in category.

Ruaridh Alyward MU10 80th overall, 24th in category.

Dexter Leeming-Sykes MU14 7th overall, 5th in category.

Over 14s

Sam Howcroft MU16 72nd overall, 13th in category

Tim Howcroft MV40 65th overall, 13th in category.

Peter Middlemiss MV50 151st overall, 27th in category.

Full results and current standings courtesy of YCCA.

The next round is on Wednesday 24th of May at Myrtle Park, Bingley.

Glad that’s over with!