Triangle 3. Good conditions – and no traffic lights!

It’s nigh on impossible to compare the Triangle 12 1/2 with the Giro d’Italia. One’s a simple, short, evening time trial in Northern Europe, the other’s an immense, three-week long stage race around a country much farther south – can you guess which is which? – but at least both enjoyed the best weather conditions so far this year Thursday 12th May. And no traffic light hold ups thankfully.

Numbers were up again, 28 signing on to enjoy a slightly windy and cool night but one that produced some great times. Sam Ward was fastest overall with 28:43. With a 34:53, Helen Goldthorpe was fastest woman. Christine Bell roared to equal top in the points standings by taking the maximum 6 points, followed by Steve Broadley, still riding his road bike, on 5. Liz Hills scored 4 points, her first of the season, followed by Claire Jessop with 3, taking the women’s points tally for the night to 13 out of a possible 21. Liam Mealey and Andrew Bolton took the tensing points, 2 and 1 respectively. Michael Kitchen rode the Triangle for the first time, recording a 38:04, a good ride for an initial go. Fastest of the riders not eligible for the club points competition was Richmond Denton with 29:41.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Sam Ward 28:43

Jon Sharpe 30:08

Jonathan Hobbs 31:37

Liam Mealey 33:08 (2)

John Buddle 34:25

Ian Cullen 34:49

Andrew Bolton 34:51 (1)

Helen Goldthorpe 34:53

Claire Jessop 34:56 (3)

Phil Mason 35:31

John Barnett 36:32

Jonathan Allen 36:49

Stuart Newbould 37:14

Michael Kitchen 38:04

Liz Hills 38:11 (4)

Tom Broadley 38:24

Trevor Hatib 38:29

Steve Broadley 40:34 (5)

John Churchman 41:10

Christine Bell 41:50 (6)

Non-qualifying rides

Richmond Denton 29:41

Neil Buckley 30:03

Aaron Helmsley 30:34

Stephen Lloyd 30:54

Dan Jay-Webster 31:12

Tim Garwell 32:26

Adam Culverwell 33:28

Thank you as always to all those who helped on the night. Volunteers are always required for marshalling duties, so don’t be shy.

Points standings (after 3 rounds)

Christine Bell 6

Steve Broadley 6

Sam Ward 6

Tony Wild 6

John Churchman 5

Helen Goldthorpe 5

Jonathan Hobbs 5

Liz Hills 4

Phil Mason 4

Andrew Bolton 3

Claire Jessop 3

Paul Luxton 3

Stuart Newbould 3

Tom Broadley 2

Liam Mealey 2

The 12 1/2 on Thursday 18th May starts at the later time of 7:30 pm.

Don’t forget that any under 18 riders must provide a consent form signed by a parent or guardian before they can ride. This will suffice for the whole series.