Social Ride Reports – 15th January 2017

One of the best things about being in a club is that it gives you the incentive to ride even when the weather is bit rubbish. Last Sunday was one of those days. You know that even if you get a bit wet, you still get to see your mates and have a bit of cake. And there is also the fear that if you don’t then others will be out having fun without you… it’s just not worth that risk!  And the weather of course is NEVER as bad as it looks from under your duvet – FACT!

Of course enabling this all weather fun are our ride volunteers, and a special thank you goes out to Richard and Kaz for leading and back-marking respectively for the first time. We hope you all  have a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

A stretching ride to Thorner

Steve’s report…

This was my first attempt at leading a Stretching Ride and wanted to keep up my “ride leading” record of never having lost an individual or got the whole group lost, but the group were determined to make this a challenge!!
We set off along  Pool Road heading for Creskeld at a sedate pace and stuck at that the whole ride!
A few problems keeping track of numbers today so we used a formula of

Rae = Ras + Rjac – Rlac – Rltm

And the answer works out at Rae = 4 which is good as that’s how many returned to Otley. Free pint for whoever works out the formula!

Is that a bacon AND EGG sandwich?

First time most of us had done this ride and it was very enjoyable, up Creskeld, past the donkeys, millionaires row and then a nice loop through Shadwell, Thorner and Scarcroft before our coffee stop at The Dexter (nice pub, shame about the quality of the coffee – an official 1 bean rating).


Setting off from the pub we started shedding riders fortunately we returned with 4 riders which as per the formula was correct.
Ride shout outs go the returning Julia who got flirted with by a random stranger (but failed to actually notice) , to Greg who had a “cheeky” wardrobe malfunction !!! And to Justine who joined us for her first club ride – well done and please come back !

Thanks to Ruth, Anne, Justine, Justin, Greg, Mike and Julia for making it a great morning out.

Hope to see a few of you on my away day to Ripley on the 29th!

A gentle ride to Muddy Boots

Richard’s report…

Today was my first attempt at leading one of our social rides and as the weather man had predicted heavy rain I was pleased to see so many eager cyclists.

With phone numbers exchanged we were ready for departure, nine riders in total, eight regular faces; Anne, Clare, Ian, Julia, Karl, Chloe and Christine plus William a new member to the club. We cycled leisurely along Pool Road without any issues stopping only to adjust a mudguard and check everyone was ok before carrying on to our first steady climb up Rawden Hill and over the rough track towards Muddy Boots which failed to unseat anybody.

After we’d finished our food and drink it was back to our bikes, destination Otley. Our route would take us via Weeton and a few extra cheeky miles around the pointless loop!! A cry came from the peleton that we stop at St. Barnabas to check out the Gargoyles so maybe the pointless loop isn’t so pointless after all? It certainly wasn’t for us as we posed for the camera.

The entire outing was stress-free full of laughs and conversation along the way and enjoyed by all. William said he’d be back for more which we hope is true as we all enjoyed his company.

Many thanks to Christine for back marking and supporting me with my first leader role.

Another stretching ride to Thorner

Carolyn’s report…

We met under grey skies at Buttercross for our trip out east to Thorner, well wrapped up against the cold and forecasted heavy rain. Splitting into two groups, Steve declared his group would take a more relaxed approach, and so my group of the keenest ten riders (with faces old and new) set off at a fairly quick pace along the main road to Arthington. At the top of Creskeld Lane we met Julia – who did an about turn and almost joined us, before opting to wait for our buddies behind.

The threatening clouds turned to rain as we pedalled along King’s Road, but by the time we reached Eccup Reservoir, the sun was trying to make an appearance. A lovely tailwind got us to The Dexter (our coffee stop) in double quick time, but unfortunately it wasn’t open yet, so we pushed along the pretty lanes of Shadwell and Thorner before looping past Scarcroft Golf Club and back to The Dexter.

It was orders of hot drinks & sandwiches all round, and we were just about to tuck in when Steve’s group arrived. All too soon, it was time to hit the road again, retracing our steps to Eccup where we posed for the group picture.

At the Donkey Sanctuary we turned right, for the thrilling (or terrifying depending on your point of view) descent of Black Hill Road, fortunately clear of Saturday’s ice. Regrouping for the last leg back to Otley we arrived at the alternate hostelry, the Horse and Farrier, for further refreshment.

A fantastic group who rode really well together which kept us moving along nicely. Thanks to Matt for back-marking and Chip for the top tips en route.

Calorie Free Strenuous ride

Andrew’s report…

A small band of riders set off on a chilly morning from the Buttercross heading for Sicklinghall with a quick cruise up Farnley to warm up. We had the obligatory photo op at Almscliffe Crag before the next obligation. A puncture.  Sadly it damaged the tyre so was irreparable and Paul had to call for backup.

Another small delay for a couple of recalcitrant horses, who won’t be getting any sugar lumps or polo mints any time soon and we arrived at the pub, which was shut!  We decided to just hack straight back to Otley.  We briefly merged with the gentle ride in Weston and were soon sat in the pub. Don’t think I’ve ever got back from a ride so early 😉